Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The winner is....

Happy Wednesday! The winner of the TOPS butterfly contest was Elizabeth.  She completed all but one of the goals.  The ladies had 4 to 5 goals a week, like exercising and drinking water on top of losing weight.   She did a WONDERFUL job. I wanted to make a little something as a gift for the winner.  I decided to used the SU Curvy Keepsake Box as a gift holder.  Make sure to scroll to the bottom and see a picture of Elizabeth.
The butterfly was made using the SU butterfly dies. 

The stamp set is from Close To My Heart.

Of course I saw this idea on Pinterest......

Here is our winner....Elizabeth.

All the TOPS members gave $1.00 for the winning
money pot.  Elizabeth is showing her winnings off.

Elaine came in second and I came in third place.
Thanks for stopping by today and allowing me to share my TOPS group. Have a great day!

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