Monday, June 22, 2015

TOPS Butterfly Contest

Happy Monday to you.  As most of you know I belong to a weight loss group called TOPS, We like to have contest to encourage each other to  lose weight and get healthy. I came up with this butterfly contest where you receive butterflies as you meet certain goals.  Instead of doing a chart of butterflies I had them add butterflies to cards.  This way we had a set of cards to use after the contest. 
I punched out all sizes and colors of butterflies
and found some butterfly stickers.

I used different color CS to make the base of the cards.
I embossed white CS with different designs and glued
them together to form the base of the cards. 

I added ribbon to some of the cards. 
Here are the completed cards the ladies added
their butterflies to. 

These are the sample cards I made for the
ladies to use as a guide of what the cards could
look  like. 

Stop by on Wednesday to see the winner of the butterfly contest.  Hope you have a super great day!

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