Monday, June 29, 2015

My Dad

Happy Monday to you.  I wanted to share with you the gift I made for my Dad for Father's day.  He is a man who has everything.  He has a drawer full of gift cards from Father's day past and just won't spend money on himself.  So I thought I would give him  some of the foods he loves with  notes to let him know how much I love him. 
Here is all goodies I bought him.

 I have four other sister and we are always
joking that each of us is the favorite daughter. 

Donut holes.


He plays golf every week so I filled a vase with
golf balls and added flowers. 

I made this flag to add to the vase along with two
golfing jokes.  Hope you can read them.  They
made him laugh.  Seeing him laugh was a gift to me! 

My Dad loves to drink grape juice with lemon juice.
I hope your having a great day.  Happy Stamping!

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