Monday, January 12, 2015

The Sister's Challenge

Happy Monday!!  Hope your having a super day.  Today I am sharing some cards I made for my sisters and my daughter.  Just before the New Year my youngest sister challenged us to eat better and lose weight.   We each put $20.00 in a pot and weighed ourselves.  Whomever losses the most percentage of body fat by April 2, 2015 will receive the $120.00.   So the challenge is on and of course I'm going to win!!!  
I wanted to send a card letting them know I am
supporting them but also let them know I am going to win.

I used the same cuttings just rearranged them
differently on each card. 

The quote says:  Listen Honey- The dress is by
Ralph Lauren- The body by Chocolate Chip!!

My husband told me to send a dozen donuts along
with the card. LOL  

I challenge you all to eat better and get healthy along with us.  I will keep you posted. Thanks for stopping by.

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