Friday, January 9, 2015

Mini Album

Hello and Happy Friday to you. Back in October my sister-in-law Pauline and her friend Bernadette came over to learn how to make a mini album.  We meet almost every Tuesday for about 8 weeks each making a different album.  The albums they made were Christmas gifts so I didn't want to share them until after the Holidays. Today's mini album was made by Bernadette. She made this for her daughter and did a beautiful job!!  
Front cover.  Don't you just love the door knob?

Side view. 

I believe the paper is a packet from Hobby Lobby.
The clips and ribbon she used are from her grandma.
What a special gift for her daughter. 

The paper is just so beautiful and she did such a
wonderful job with coordinating all the pattern
paper to flow together. 

Cool Watch!

Her daughter loved to read Alice in Wonderland
as a child so she printed out some pictures to add
to the album. 

Bernadette also added her daughters favorite

Bernadette did a wonderful job!!  She started another mini album the last week we got together I can't wait to see it.   You all have a wonderful weekend!! Happy Crafting!

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