Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Homemade Quilt

Happy New Years Eve!!! Are you working on your New Years resolution(s)? Eat less and move more, get organized etc...... I am going to do all those things but I'm also going to make a resolution NOT to buy any new items for my crafting project/room!! Of course there is the exception for my Son's wedding invitations.  I just might have to make a necessary purchase when I start the invitations.  Hee Hee  You all will keep me honest and on track right?!!!  Okay on to today's posting. My sister-in-law Lorena makes beautiful quilts. I asked her if she would make me a quilt that I could give to my husband James for Christmas.  She did a fantastic job!!! 
My husband (on the right) is a retired Fireman and
my son James Jr. (getting married in Aug. 2015) is
currently in the Fire department.  

The quilt is made using my husband's
work uniforms, T-shirts and patches.
Using her own pattern she sewed the red Fireman emblem. 

This is the baby quilt Lorena made for my 
daughter-in-law's baby shower last month. 
What a beautiful pattern she made!

The quilting on the back is so beautiful  So much work.
The labor of love!!!! Thank you Lorena!!  Both will
be treasured for years to come!!!!

Wishing you all a Happy New Year!!!  Thank you for continuing to visit my blog as I share some of my creations and my favorite things!!  May God Bless your 2015 New Year with Good Health, Love, Happiness and lots of time for family, friends and of course crafting!!!

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