Monday, August 12, 2013

Wedding Scratch Tickets

Today I am sharing some homemade Wedding scratch tickets I made for the bridal shower.
 I thought they would make a fun game at shower.  
Here are the items used to make the scratchier's. 

I uploaded a picture of a dress, added a saying and the date 
of the shower.  I then printed them on CS and cut them out. 
On eight of the cards I left a flower bouquet at the bottom of the dress.
These became the winning scratch tickets.  On the other 100 tickets
I typed Rob & Rena on them. 

Using a white crayon I colored the heart area where I am going to add
the pink paint to be scratched off.  
I mixed one part paint to two part dish soap then painted the white
colored hearts
 and let them dry over night. 

The finished Wedding Scratch Ticket. 

So let me tell you what I did.  Now keep in mind I am making enough for
100 people.  The scratchier on the left was the first one I created.
I printed, cut, colored them using the white crayon.  I had just finished adding
the paint to 25 of them when I noticed the date.   Now keep in mind how many
 times I looked at these with all the cutting and coloring I did.  Three of my
family members also looked over them.  As I was painting them I noticed the
date was wrong.  I put "2103" as the year. "OH DEAR"!!!!!!!!!!!!  I was devastated to say the least.   My family said to just leave them that no one would notice.  I slept on it
for two days and decided to redo them.  This time I made them much small and
added the heart instead of the round blog of paint.  Much better the second time...LOL

You all have a wonderful day filled with smiles and laughs.  

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