Monday, September 5, 2016

Handmade Card

Happy Labor Day!  Hope everyone is enjoying their day.  Mid August I posted a thank you card I made for a friend who let us stay in his cabin this summer.  I had mentioned he was a great woodworker, he also makes cards and does beautiful work with string, yarn, inks and paper. I received this card in the mail from him.  He puts my stuff to shame. He collects discarded string etc and makes beautiful art with them.
It looks like the ladybugs were part of a blanket, or
maybe a blouse. I like the way he shredded the ends
of the fabric.  

Look at the texture of the paper. 

He makes his own paper and I wish you could see
this in person, it's just gorgeous!

Back side of the card.
Thanks for letting my share. You all enjoy your week!

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