Thursday, August 11, 2016

Poppy Challenge

 Happy Thursday! Not sure where July went and we are already 11 days into August. Hope all is going well with everyone. Today I am sharing the other card my neighbor Heather and I made last week. We used a new stamp she got in the mail called painted poppy.

Using the outline part of the stamp set, we heat embossed
the poppy flower, then added different shades of inks using
the layering part of the stamp set. Heather used the blues
and I used purples and orange colors.

We challenged each other to make a card with our
poppy flowers.  These are the cards I made. I will
post her cards when she is finished. 

Inside of the card
This is the stamp set we used
Heather the challenge is on. Finish your cards and bring them over to share.....(laughing) Hope everyone enjoys your weekend.

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