Monday, January 11, 2016

Homemade Christmas Cards

Happy Monday. Okay this is the last of my Christmas stuff.  Homemade cards I received for Christmas.  I send out lots of Christmas cards and receive many in return.  I love Christmas cards.  I tape all my cards on a door in my entry way and leave them there the whole month of January. 
This card was made by Debbie.  It's beautiful!

This card was made by Dee.  The stamping is done on
velum and just perfect.  I love it!

This card was made by Heather. I love the die
cut she used. Great job Heather. 

This card was made my Marie.  She made it to look
like a wrapped gift.  How cleaver.  Nice card!

This card is not homemade but I loved it so much
I just had to share.  It could be a homemade card.
Hmmmm maybe this will be my card next year??? 

This was my Christmas card this year.  It's kind of homemade.
I made each of the wood plaques.  I used my Cricut machine

to cutout the letters. 
Have a wonderful week!

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