Monday, September 7, 2015

Happy Labor Day!

Good Morning Everyone.  Hope you're enjoying your day off from work. Today's posting has lots of pictures.  Sorry for such a long posting. I finally finished this photo album.  I started this album sometime last year.  To tell you the truth I have three albums in the works right now that I started last year. I get the base of the albums done but never follow through with the decorating part.  In fact on this photo album, I left the pages just  the way they were without adding embellishments except for the cover.  I guess I could always go back and add some....hahaha
This is the front of the book.
The paper packet I used is from Joann's
DCWA-The Primrose Stack.  It has lots of
glitter paper and tags.  Although I only used
one tag in the album.

The flowers are from Recollections and I used a
 die-cut to cut out leafs and swirls. 
 I left the label blank so
the person who receives/buys the book can
add their name or a subject to match the pictures. 

Side of the Album.
I added a flower and some charms.

First page of the inside.
 Each page is the same. They each have a pocket
 with an insert and a pull out tap at the top. 

I attached a fold-out insert to the inside covers
of the album.

This is what one of the inserts looks like.  Both
sides have pattern paper to add pictures or journaling.

The page on the left is the only page I used a tag.
A picture can be inserted into the tag.  

Here is one of the pull out tag insert along with
a two page fold out.  

All the inserts and pull out tags have pattern
paper on both sides.  I also used Tim Holtz inks
to distress all the pages. 

The album measures 7 X 5 inches so the 5 X 7
photos will fit nicely without much trimming. 

Here the insert and tap are inside the pockets.
Below they are pulled out. 

Last page.
I didn't show you the whole book because you would be here all day.  (I am sure you are glad for that...Hee Hee!!) Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy your week!  God Bless.

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  1. your books are ALWAYS wonderfully done! You are very creative and super talented. For those who have never seen your books in real life, just can't imagine how beautiful they really are!