Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Confirmatiom photo book

Happy Wednesday to you! I had the honor to sponsor my cousin Brianna for her confirmation last week.  I decided to make her a photo album to have memories to cherish in the coming years.  In the Catholic church when you are being comfirmed you have to choose a Saint from the bible to be named after. Brianna chose St Dymphna who is the patron Saint of the nervous, emotionally disturbed and mentally ill.  She chose St Dymphna in part for our Grandma who suffers from Alzheimer. If you get a chance read up on St Dymphna and what she stands for. 
I attached St. Dymphna picture on the lift side of the photo
 album along with the date of Brianna Comfirmation.

I used the same pattern on this book as I have for the
last few albums I've made.  The only difference is 
I made the cover using Chipboard.  It seems to really
make a difference in the style and look of the book. 

On the first page of the book I put a picture of Brianna
with the Archbishop Michael Sheehan.

These are the pages folded out.

Here's a picture of Me and Brianna.

These are the pull outs from the pockets.  I left blank
pull outs for her to add her own pictures. 

I used a paper packet from The Paper Studio
"Blanc Boutique" it has a beautiful pearl finish.

Red is a color in the Church for Confirmation so
I used red and added some gold CS to it. This is
another blank spot I left for additional pictures.

Back of the book
Sorry for the long posting.  It was a beautiful Mass and I am very blessed to be a part of it.  Have a great day!

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