Friday, April 10, 2015

Baby Shower Card

Hello everyone! Hope you're having a wonderful week. Last month I had a baby shower to attend so one evening I headed into my craft room to make a baby card.. I knew I wanted to make a baby boy overalls card so I found some inspiration on Pinterest.  My first mistake was being in my craft room in the evening.... I am a morning person....What was I thinking to be crafting at night...?????  Now looking at the picture below the card looks perfectly fine, but its not....keep reading.
Since I didn't have any jean looking pattern paper I
started with a plain light blue piece of CS. Using a
background stamp I added the jean texture look to the CS.
I cut out the overalls, added the stitching with black pen,
and used blue inks to distress the edges.  

I added some embellishments in the pocket.

These buttons from my button stash fit perfect.

This is the first card I stamped and cut. 

OOPS! I cut the wrong side of the fold!!
So I re-stamped it and cut it again.  You guessed it,
I cut the wrong side again...UGH!!!!!!
Finally after the third attempt I got it right.  I should
have stopped and called it a night at this point but
I kept going determined to finish this card. 

After all the decorating on the front of the card was
done I attached the inside panel and stamp it.  Yippie
I was finished!!  That's when I realized I had attached
the inside panel to the wrong side of the card.
My lesson here is to never craft late at night...(past 7pm) Hee hee.  Check back next week and I will share with you the cards I finally made for the baby shower....Enjoy your weekend.

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