Wednesday, November 5, 2014


 Happy Wednesday to you!  My sister and her boyfriend built a house together. I wanted to give them a little something to celebrate their new home.  I saw this idea on Pinterest and decided this would be a cute "Moving Day" gift.
I came up with a sentiment and attached it to a wine bottle tag. I
found an old rusty hammer in our garage.  (It's a miracle I can find

 anything in that garage or my craft room..LOL) I added glitter to
the head of the hammer then used Modge Podge to seal it. I painted the handle
red and I tied it together with  twine, red ribbon and a couple of washers.
Here is a closer look at the tag. 

Can you see the rust coming through the silver glitter?
Hee Hee I guess I should have just bought a new hammer
but I always believe in recycling!!
  I added a pocket to the back of the tag because I wanted
 to give them some cash for dinner on moving day.
My Sister and her boyfriend loved their gift.  Thanks for letting me share Have a fabulous day!

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