Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween

Today is such a fun day for children and adults alike.  Since my children are all grown up and moved away I look forward to all the cute little characters who come to our door on Halloween.  On Sunday my family came over for lunch and we carved pumpkins.  Okay so only two of us carved pumpkins everyone else is watching football game.
My sister Lisa has braces and saw this on Pinterest
and decided to make it.  It's so darn cute. We used
paper clips and some silver beads I had. 

Don't laugh but this is the one I carved.  Carving
pumpkins is not my cup of tea...LOL  Everyone
said she looks like Mini Bobeck from The Drew
Carey Show.  What do you think?

Isabella (my niece) is checking out her pumpkin. 

She is removing all the pumpkin seeds. 

Wishing you a Happy Halloween.  Be safe out there tonight!

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