Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Candy Table

Candy, Candy, Candy.  Rena (my-daughter-in-law) wanted to have a candy table at the reception.  She bought lots of candy and one of them was cotton candy.  Her colors were pink and gray so these were perfect for the table.  She asked me if I would add a tag with her and Robert's name.  Of course I said yes.  She got 200 bags of cotton candy but I have to admit while I was adding the ribbon to them it seemed like a 1,000.  It was the never ending box!!  LOL  
That is a lot of cotton candy....

Here I am adding the ribbon to the bags.  I used scotch
 tape to attach the ribbon and glue dots for the circles. 

I used my tape gun to attach the white CS to the gray CS circles.

I printed out the their names on white CS and punched out
all 200 white circles and 200 gray circles. 
I wrapped ribbon around the cotton candy and attached
the punched circles. 
I made tags for each one of the different kinds of candy.
These were attached to the glass candy bowls. 

Rena (my daughter-in-law) had 11 different kinds of candy.
I didn't take any pictures with my camera the day of the Wedding.
Boo Hoo!!!  As soon as we get pictures I will share. 
I also made this saying for the table.  Got the idea on pinterest. 

So when I was done with the cotton candy I was short ONE punched circle.  Where that last circle was I had no idea.  At that point I was not going to print out another saying to be punched.  I wanted to eat the evidence so no one would now there was only going to be 199 cotton candy's but to tell you the truth I never wanted to see another cotton candy again....LOL So I stashed in my kitchen drawer....hee hee   Hope you have a sweet day!

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