Monday, July 17, 2017

Great Idea

Happy Monday to you! I wanted to share this great idea that I got from Home depot.  At least I think it's a great idea...(smiling). Since we remodeled our house I had yet to hang anything on the walls. I wanted different size picture frames with my families pictures over the wood stove.I am the worse at hanging frames straight on my walls.  I always leave holes all over by the time I'm done.  

So here is the great idea: You take contact paper (for your drawers or shelves) and cut out the size of the frame your going to hang. You then put the contact paper on the wall (the sticky side) and move them around until you decide where you want everything hung. You then place your frame/picture over the contact paper. Using your level you make sure the frame is straight and hammer in your nail.  Remove the contact paper and hang your frame.  
Here is the contact paper hanging on my wall.  I
moved them several times until I was satisfied. 

I hung the first frame/picture.

A close up of the contact paper. I got three rolls
at the Dollar store. 
Here are all the frames and shelves hung. This was
so easy and NO extra holes....Yippee. I still have
to add my family's pictures to the frames. 

 I hope you try this. It really works and it made my life so easy!!  FYI: I used the cut out contact paper for my grand daughter to play with.  She added leaves, paper, rocks etc to the sticky side and had so much fun. Thanks you for stopping by today. Have a wonderful week!!

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