Monday, November 7, 2016

Fall Baby Shower

Happy Monday! Is it Fall yet or still summer? The weather in Albuquerque has been so beautiful and warm. My trees are not sure if they should be changing colors or stay green....LOL Today I'm sharing some items I made for my sisters baby shower. She wanted couples "Fall" shower in her back yard. We had the shower the first week of  October with 85 guest. We were so busy making food, decorating, entertaining that I didn't take any pictures of the actual shower.  Boo Hoo.(sad face)
I took Mason jars and wrapped burlap
around them. Added dried raffia and flowers.
Fall flowers were added to these jars for the tables.

These mason jars were the lighting for
the tables. I added pop corn inside and put
battery operated lighting. 

Jovonna didn't want any of the (old fashion) games
you play at a baby shower. So we did the "Write
a Message on the Diaper" I found this saying on
Pinterest and thought is was cute. 

These are the props for the Baby Photo booth. I order
some of these on line and others I made.  
I decorated these baskets with a scarecrow family.
We added snack foods for the guest. 
This cake was for Jovonna.

This cake was for Mike.

My Dad carved these pumpkins. The baby pumpkins
says "baby noodles". That's the nickname for the baby. 

This is the photo booth. I made the "Baby Love"
banner and added the burlap  on top of white curtains.

Since it was outside and we were not sure if it was
going to rain we added a cover over the booth.
Snacks and drinks

Hope you have a super great day. Thanks for letting me share.

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