Monday, July 11, 2016

Ahoy Matey!

Happy July Monday to you! Get your coffee or tea because today is a heavy posting. My TOPS group is having their Officer Installation this week and the theme is "A Cruise Liner".  Of course I volunteered to make the props and some kind of decorations for the ceremony. 
I decorated bags and made a ship's wheel.

Using Die cuts, I made embellishments for 16 bags.

I just love the little flip flops. 

We have six officers so I made six extra special bags
for each one of them.
Here is what the embellishments looked like before
I put them together.  Thanks to my neighbor
Heather, she let me borrow all her dies. 

All done and ready to be glued down. I popped in a
movie and before I knew they were all done!

Each of the officers receives something to represent their
position as an officer. The Leader gets the wheel, Co-leader
receives a lifesaver, Treasurer buoy, Secretary clipboard
and the Weight recorder an anchor and whistle. I found
all the items above at the Dollar store except the ships wheel. 

My creative crafting was tested with this idea for a
wheel. I came across this round piece of white styrofoam at
the Goodwell. The light bulb went off and I knew what I was
going to do. First I painted it all brown. Using a key ring, I
 ran twine around foam and through the key chain creating
the ship's wheel. 

I was really happy the way it came out. I could have
bought one on-line but for .99¢ how could I go wrong...hee hee
 Thank you for letting me share my TOPS props. You all have a super great day!

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