Thursday, July 28, 2016

50 Already

Happy Thursday. My husband's baby brother turned 50. His family had him a surprise birthday party this past weekend.  I wanted to make him something special.When I saw these cute "Over the Hill" birthday cakes on Pinterest I knew this is what I was wanted to make.  
Using toilet paper to make the base of the cake I then wrapped
the layers with burlap and green twine. 

I purchased some over the hill 
items at the Dollar store to decorate the cake.

I had the "50" and some of the other colorful
 decorations left over from when my husband turned 50.

I printed out two cartoons and attached them to CS. 

My brother-n-law loved the cake. My sister-n-law was so funny, she told me that they use most of the stuff I attached to the cake already (laughing) Have a super great weekend.

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