Thursday, April 28, 2016

Remodel Craftroom

Happy Thursday. How is your week going so far? Can you believe it's the last week of April? My May calendar is already full so it's going to be a busy May. I mentioned that my husband and I are remodeling our house. We are replacing our carpets with bamboo floors so I thought I would share my craft room with you. 
Here is my craft room with all my crafting stuff removed.

I should have taken pictures with all my items in
 place before I packed everything up.
I will share when it's all done.  

My three cabinets and the other side of the closet.
During the packing period. Oh Dear!!  What a
mess!  The one thing I realized is I am a collector
of everything....Hoarder!! LOL
The bamboo floors and painting done. Yuppie!
Boy has this been a eye opener. I have way to much stuff!!  I am going to reorganize my room so I will selling some of my current  containers and paper holders etc. Have a wonderful weekend!

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