Thursday, February 25, 2016

84,600 Seconds

Happy Thursday to you! This month was my turn to do a presentation at my TOPS (weight loss) group, so I did it on TIME.  There is 84,600 seconds in a day.  My TOPS group is currently doing a contest where you have to drink water, exercise and keep a food journal.  I figured this should only take about 10,000 seconds per day. That leaves 74,600 seconds of your day.  I asked them to log how much time they spend working/volunteering, sleeping, eating, family etc. You should try it. You will be surprised how you spend your TIME.  I wish I could spend 28,800 seconds a day crafting. How about you?

As a follow up of my TIME presentation I made
and mailed these clock cards to the ladies. 

So I ask you how did you spend your 84,600 seconds today? Thank you for spending your precious TIME with me today!

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