Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year!

Happy 2016!!  Hope you enjoyed bringing in the New Year! For the next couple weeks I will be sharing some items I made for Christmas and some of the homemade items I received.  Thank you for spending time with me here on my blog in 2015.  Hope to share more in 2016! 
I took a box of Hostess HO HO's and Ding Dongs
wrapped ribbon around the two boxes and hung
them on my neighbor Heather's door. 

This is the tag I attached:
HO HO HO from the DING DONGS next door!

I made this flower vase with a metal can and candy
canes.  I used three (3) boxes of candy canes.

I added double sided tape around the can, then used
a rubber band to hold the candy canes in place as I was
adding them to the can.  I poured glue around the top
of the can to secure the candy canes to the can. 

With the added flowers. 
Have a super great New Years Day!

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