Friday, December 18, 2015

Lot of Trees

Happy Friday. It's a busy time of the year getting ready for the Holidays. I always have big plans to make Christmas crafts and homemade gifts but every year I run out of time. This year is no different ...heehee.  Oh well there is always next year right? 

Every year I try to do something different when I give my money gifts.  This year I found these Money Tree Lots on Pinterest.  The original posting for these were on Kim Knight Kreations.
I decorated each one a little different. 

View from the top.

Can you see the mini lights?  They are made by
 Jolee's boutique.

Here is the money folded and the styrofoam for the base. 

My sisters were visiting the other day and I asked them
if they could help me fold my money. They 
and thought I was crazy.  They did help and 
we did have great time folding money. 

I couldn't find a tutorial for the Tree Lot so I  
made the base using styrofoam, cardboard and a 
exacto knife.  I did use a tutorial
 on how to fold the money.
Thanks for stopping by today.  Have a Merry Christmas!!

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