Monday, October 5, 2015

My Grandma Turns 90 in 2014 and today she is 91!

Happy Monday!!  Today is a very HEAVY post so get your coffee or water and be prepared to spend some time with me today.

My Grandma Mary turned 90 on October 5, 2014. Today she is 91 and going strong. Last year (2014) I made her this photo album as a birthday gift. We had a big party for her so I thought it would be nice to fill the photo album with pictures from the party and all her grand kids.  Shame on me it took a year before I got all the pictures added into the album.

My thought behind this album was to have three sections: one for each of my grandma's daughters (Sharon, Diane and Patti), along with their children and grand children's pictures. My grandma Mary could enjoy the whole album and when she is ready she can give each section of the photo album to each of her daughters.  That way my Mom-Sharon, my Auntie Diane, Auntie Patti will have a photo album of  their mother along with their kids and grand kids to cherish and pass on.  Did I confuse you? Hope not.  I do have two more covers to add when the album is separated into threes.
This is the cover of the album.  I made it with rings so I could 
separate it into the three sections for my aunts and my mom.
This is me and my grandma at her 90th birthday party.
  The album has 10 tabs, one for each grandchild.
I created fold out pages to add pictures for each
family.  Each tab holds up to 10 photos. 

This section is my Auntie Diane's and she has
three children. So the next three pictures are
her kids and grand kids.

This next section is my Auntie Patti's.  Can you see
the "90" cookies on the right side? .

The last section is for my Mom.  I have four
sisters. This one is Lisa.

Here are my kids.

My sister Cheryl.

My sister Renee.

My sister Jovonna.
This is my Mom and Dad.

Here is a picture of my Grandma and her daughters.
So sorry for the long posting.  Thank you for letting me share my year old album and my family!!!

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