Monday, July 6, 2015

Bridal Shower

Happy Monday!  Get your coffee or water because today's post is a long one.  I have pictures from the shower to share and some candles I covered as gifts for the guests.  
I started with a box of jarred scented candles. 

Brittny (bride) printed out labels with the wedding
date and last names.  I attached the label to black
Card stock.  The wedding colors are black,
white and champagne 

I glued white lace to a piece of black card stock,
then glued the CS to the candle and then attached
the label.

This is the best gift I have ever seen for a wine lover.
It's such a great gift for the bride and groom. Each
bottle of wine has a tag for different occasions:
honeymoon, first Christmas Eve, first fight,
first baby etc. along with a cute saying for each tag.

My sister Lisa made her beautiful cookies. 

Here are the candles. 

This is a picture of my Mom, Brittny and my 90
year old Grandma Mary. 

We played the bride dress game.  We had four groups
and each group had one person be the bride.  Using
toilet paper we had to make the bride a dress. 

Brittny is posing with all the brides and their
beautiful dresses. 

This is Isabella (my niece) with Brittny. She is the flower girl.
She wanted a bridal dress so we made her a dress too. 

This is a picture of me, Brittny and Brittny's  Mom Lorenza.
 (by the way this is how Brittny spells her name, it's not a typo)
Sorry for the long posting.  Hope you enjoy your day!  Happy Stamping.

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