Friday, April 3, 2015

Easter Bunny

Happy Easter!  Thought I would share some Easter bunnies.  I had some suckers left over from Valentines day and decided to use them for Easter.  Since everyone gets so much candy on Easter, I wanted to also make something that wasn't full of sugar.  So scroll down and look what I made.  

These are the Blow Pop Suckers.  I used punches to
make the bunnies. 

These are Anti-bacterial hand gel.  I got the idea
from one of my favorite blogs:

This one is made using nail polish. 

Pink nail polish would be perfect but I only
had sparkling white. 
This is our  precious Easter Bunny Tessa.  She
has grown so much already.  Don't you just love
all that hair?  
You all have a Blessed Easter!!!

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