Monday, March 2, 2015

Fun Cards

Happy Monday to everyone!  Did you enjoy all the snow here in Albuquerque?  Sure hope so. This week I will share some cards I did with my TOPS group/friends.  As most of you know TOPS is a weight loss group.  I am always trying to think of ways to help encourage our group to lose weight and get healthy. Everyone enjoys getting cards in the mail right? So I had the ladies color some cards, add some words of encouragement and mail them off to each other.   
These are the cards I made for the ladies. 
I started with a box of blank zebra cards from Hobby Lobby.
I stamped six different images on CS and glued them to
the blank cards. 

I decorated, colored and added embellishments to
the six different designs so the ladies would
have a idea for coloring their cards. 

I added some colored CS to the sample cards I made.
No embellishments were added to their cards so
they would be mailable without additional postage. 
This is the card one of the ladies colored with crayons. 

This is my sample card. 
Here is the colored card.  Did you notice how she
used a pink crayon to add a boarder?  Very clever
don't you think? 
Check back on Wednesday for more cards.  Have a super day!

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