Tuesday, June 19, 2012

This past weekend I attended a conference for my TOPS club.  (weight loss programs-Take Off Pounds Sensibly) It was a very inspiring weekend with songs, motivational speakers, dancing, skits and lots of great information on good health.  The theme was "The road to Success"  kind of like the The Wizard of Oz following the yellow brick road.  Be warned I upload lots of pictures...  

We were the decorating community.

The banner we all made together.  Don't you just love the suit cases?

Here are some of the beautiful ladies in our group.

One of the other chapters made these dolls from the Wizard of OZ.
They were gorgeous!!

Good Witch


Bad  Witch

Scare Crow


Tin Man
He is my favorite

Second day of the conference in our matching shirts

Geri won a basket

The last day of the conference

This is Rose.  She has been in TOPS for 42 years .
She is wearing her dress from High School.  WOW
She is so beautiful!!!  She is our inspiration!

Here I am with Carol

Another picture from the first night of the conference

Last day of the conference.
Looking Good Ladies!!! 

This are the baskets we donated for the basket drawings.
Ever chapter donated baskets filled with goodies and they
had a drawing through out the conference.
These ladies are very special to me.  They have helped me lose more than 40lbs and support me in more ways than they know.  Thank you ladies for being such a great part of my life!!!!!

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