Monday, June 11, 2012

Hello! Today I would like to share some of the homemade birthday gifts I received for my birthday. Are you tired of hearing about my birthday?  While you only turn 50 once in a life time. As my husband would say "I am putting the stretcher on it"....LOL

This was crochet by my sister-in-law Pauline.
It's Beautiful!!  I just love the color.

It fits perfect on my chair.
Thank you Pauline I will cherish it forever!

My Auntie Patti sewed this bag for me.
It's so gorgeous. 

  The material is so pretty!! The flowers have a glitter to them.  
Inside the bag.
I used this bag yesterday when I went to the Swap meet at the Hen House.
It held so much stuff.  It was GREAT.
Thank you Auntie Patti!

My sister Renee loves to crochet.  She made me a dish towel/pot holder.
I love using them.  She also made lavender bath salts.  It smells so good!
Thank you Renee!!
Don't you just love homemade gifts?  I try and give homemade gifts as much as possible. Later this week I will share some of the crafting gifts I received.  Wishing you a week filled with crafting and loving family!

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