Monday, April 30, 2012

The last day of April and the flowers are blooming the grass is green and the sun is shining. Today I am sending you some sunshine....

This is a water bottle cover.  I make a lot of bottle covers
for my craft fairs.  

These are great for kids parties or sports functions. 
As I was writing about the water bottle covers I remembered the
covers I made for my son Robert's high school soccer team.
They are just darling!!
I made those soccer team water covers over 10 years ago.  I used a plastic template for scrapbooking and traced them onto construction paper.  I cut out each part by hand, (That was before I owned any die cuts and machines.) assembled each piece together and added each one of the teams faces.   Crazy looking back now how long that took me to make them. LOL  What's even crazier is I knew exactly were to find it after all these years.... Yesterday I couldn't find my eye glasses and I just had them on....  ha ha.  (I am showing my age) hee hee Thanks for stopping by and you have a SUPER GREAT week filled with lots of fun and Sunshine....

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