Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Once a month I attend a class at the Hen House given by DeeDee.  This month's class was on Alcohol inks. What an excellent class it was!  DeeDee is a great teacher!! I have never used Alcohol inks before and found them to be very interesting.  Every time you use them you have a unique design.  No two designs are the same even if you try.  I really like that!!  Along with her friend Sandy Lilly they taught us four different techniques using the Alcohol inks.  I am going to play with these techniques and see what I can come up with.  Here are the cards I made in class.
We stamped the Dream catcher on white card stock.  Using an Ink
applicator and felt, we added the alcohol inks to Acetate
(clear plastic) and layered that on top of the stamped C.S.
The buttons were also inked to match the paper. 

To make the butterflies we used the alcohol inks on white glossy card stock,
stamped the card stock with 3 different patterns and punched them out.
We also inked the metal "hope" accent to match.

Here we dropped the alcohol ink onto the clear acetate. Kissed it with a
second piece of acetate to blend and pulled it apart. We stamped the
balloon onto white card stock and adhered the inked acetate to the image.
We then cut it out and assembled to the card. 

A close up of the image. The colors are so bright and beautiful!

So this one I DID NOT do a good job on.  I need a lot of practice on this technique.
We stamped the image onto the acetate, turned it over and added glossy accents (glue),
added drops of the alcohol ink to the glaze. Then sprinkled it with glitter, applied tissue
 paper on top and gently rolled over the tissue paper with a brayer (roller).  The key
word here is
 gently.  As you can see there was nothing gentle about mine...
Here is a close up of the image.  When done properly it's a great technique.

Just before the class started, a woman came into the Hen House and bought her very first stamp.  I wanted to welcome her to the "Million Dollar Club"  hee hee.  I Love Love this hobby but it can get pricey.  So many new products so little money...Before I was retired I would say "So many new products so little time"...Time and money we just don't seem to have enough....Thanks for stopping by!!  Have a day filled with Sunshine and Smiles.  

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