Monday, February 6, 2012

Happy Monday to you. Congrats to all you Giant Fans out there.

Every Monday I attend a weight support group called TOPS. 
 Next week we will not be meeting so today I am taking them
 a little something for Valentine's day. 

I stamped the fish and colored them with Prismacolor markers,
 attached them to card stock and filled the bags with crackers
and one Hershey's Kiss. 

I usually don't give any kind of candy or high calorie food
 but this stamp is just to cute not to included the fish crackers.
Each bag contains 72 calories.   If one person ate the whole
basket of  crackers and chocolate you would have consumed
1400 calories....Yikes!!!

Lets stick to veggies and fruit today!!!  Wishing you a week filled with smiles and hugs....

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